Power Plant Supply Company provides products and services to the water, wastewater, and construction industries coast to coast throughout Canada. We have three offices located in Toronto, Halifax, and Edmonton. We pride ourselves in product knowledge, customer support, and available inventory.

Pipe Plugs

Superior pipe plugs, pneumatic and mechanical; higher inflation pressure, better back pressure safety; Multi-Size pneumatic Pipe Plugs or Single-size Pipe plug.

NO PUMP AROUND FLOW DIRECTORS: High-Flow by-pass plugs and Duct installed in the Manhole, resulting in a dry manhole. No Pumps and long Duck pipe involved.

Single Sized High Flow Diverters for Manhole Rehab; Sizes range from 6-inch to 30-inch. Used for Tie-ins to Structures Largest Bypass Available Eliminate Pumping Around When Working In Manholes or Structures All Aluminum Construction Sold Individually User Friendly - Easy to Work With For Manhole Rehab or Modifications Makes Ventilation Easier for Confined Space Entry Flexible Diverter Hoses.





Rupture Protected Plugs

Rupture Protected plugs have a built-in relief valve, which will help prevent the plug from being over-inflated due to faulty gauges or operator error. Once the valve cracking pressure is reached, the relief valve will open relieving excess air pressure and reseal below the required plug inflation pressure.

PPS offers a complete line of Inflatable and Mechanical Pipe Plugs used for testing pipe, blocking, and bypassing flow.

This is the most durable multi-size pipe plug available. A patented 2-ply cross biased tire cord reinforcement allows for controlled expansion of the plug. As this plug inflates it gets larger in diameter and shorter in length. Patented superior end designs have reinforced steel "spider™" ring wrapped in fabric. The fabric extends from the spider into the body of the plug. This advanced design transfers the stress of inflation from the steel base plate to the fabric reinforced spider ring.

These designs, along with the highest quality materials, create a line of pipe plugs that are as much as 50% lighter and substantially more flexible than our competitors.

Multi-Size Flow Diverters with flanged ends offer many different options; diverting flow, for pumping, or bypassing inside of a structure. Several Series can be used as Joint Testers or Grout Packers. Multi-Size Joint Testers featured by PPS give the most wall clearance between the bladder and pipe wall. Joint Testers that clear allowable deflection and most bends in pipe, ending the need to disassemble the tester inside the pipe. Inquire about collapsible Joint Testers that test larger diameter pipes while slipping through a 24" manhole opening: the manhole top does not have to be removed.

22.5"-48.0" 575 mm-1250 mm

Multi-Size Plugs, high-quality materials light and flexible.
• DuPont Kevlar® Reinforced
• Ozone Protected Rubber Surface
• Sturdy Steel Internal End Plates with Inflation & Test-Thru Ports
• Wrapped Finish Surface
• Extra 1/4" Thickness - No Oversleeve Necessary
• Factory Repairable - No Patches - Vulcanized
• Higher Inflation Pressure for Increased Safety Margin
• Protected with Pressure Relief Valve to Help Prevent Over Inflation
• 3/4" Bypass Port

Multi-size plugs are stretchable, only a few plugs are required to cover pipelines of different diameters.


MULTI-SIZE FLOW-THRUS™ | By-Pass Plugs | High back pressure head
From 4" to 96" Pipe Diameters

Plugs are available with standard bypasses up to 8" NPT. 12" threaded connections and larger flanged connections can be special ordered. The multi-size Flow-Thru's™ can be manufactured with nitrile or neoprene rubber and stainless steel components for use in chemical and petroleum applications. Test caps are available to convert By-Pass plugs over to use in air testing applications. A PVC cap is supplied with each plug with up to a 6" NPT bypass.

3" To 96"


High pressure plugs designed to seal pipes up to pressures of 150 PSI. Equipped with a centered bypass pipe for inducing test medium. Larger sizes also include a second bypass for monitoring the pressure and/or bleeding of the air out to the section being tested.

The bladder, which is reinforced with multiple plys of tire cord, is bonded to the inner metal mandrel. When this plug is inflated, the ends roll up away from the mandrel. This allows the bladder to make contact with the pipe walls without applying unnecessary stress on the bladder.

Plugs are excellent for use in water mains, force mains, or industrial lines. These high pressure test plugs can be custom manufactured to meet the requirements of your job.

NEW SST (Single Size Test) Plugs

The SST Plug is designed with multi-function in mind. The SST Plugs are available in 8", 10", and 12" sizes, each of these have a 3" female aluminum bypass. These plugs can be used to stop the flow, sewer bypass, or for air testing. An air test conversion cap is supplied with every SST Plug.

SST Plug shown with our new Triple Test Hose.
Available in 25' and 50' lengths.
Part # 472-25



Constructed of rolled channel steel, disc plugs come sectioned to fit through standard 24" manholes for easy installation. Disc Plug will provide a leak proof seal for construction, rehabilitation, cleaning and testing. The bladders for these pipe plugs are reinforced with 2 plies of nylon tire cord. Large sizes are available.


Plastic Mechanical Pipe Plugs




Multi-Size Flow Diverters interchangeable ends

Power Plant Supply Lansas pipe plugs are available in a variety of iterchangeable ends. These plugs are built to your specifications with the exact bypass needed to fit your application. Pipe plug sizes start at 14" and can be manufactured as large as 96" in diameter. The flanged cover can be equipped with either threaded connections to 12" NPT, flanges, or open tubing for use as a Super Flow™ style plug.

For example: a 24x36 multi-size plug could have a:
~~~12" NPT bypass
~~~20" OD tube for use as a Super Flow™
~~~or a 20" flange.

Sizes Available:
~~~15" x 21"
~~~15" x 30"
~~~18" x 24"
~~~24" x 36"

Contact us for sizing and pricing sales@powerplantsupplyco.com


SINGLE- AND MULTI-SIZE WASHING BALLS are designed with diagonal ribbing along the periphery. This design, along with adequate head pressure, creates a water vortex action along the pipe walls. This action will wash away packed sand, sludge, rock, grease, and other debris.

The multi-size washing ball is built with the same design and construction as our domehead plugs. These balls have a water fill port that allows the user to control the buoyancy.






Testing Equipment Manhole | Pipe Joint


SMART BOX VACUUM KIT is a complete package designed with everything needed to complete your manhole vacuum testing except the air compressor.

SINGLE BLADDER JOINT TESTERS are available for testing up to 100 PSI. They are designed to fit pipe sizes ranging from 24" - 120". Manufactured joint testers to 21 feet in diameter and for pressures in excess of 200 PSI. Each joint tester is equipped with adjustable wheels that allow for easy transportation through the pipeline. A test panel is included.

The TEST PANEL is designed to be used with air and/or water. There are no additional components that are needed. Joint testers can be used to test virtually any type of pipe material including concrete, ductile iron, polyethylene, PVC, steel, as well as concrete pipes with plastic liners.