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Pipeline Isolation Joints


Monolithic Insulating Joints are used to electrically isolate pipeline segments. The joints are used for the sectioning of main pipelines (gas, oil or water) and service lines and ensure cathodic protection and electrical safety in pipelines. PSI Monolithic Insulation Joints serve as a positive leak-proof, long-lasting block against the flow of electrical current in all piping systems. Available in any ANSI Class & Stocked in ANSI Classes 150#, 300-400#, 600#; Pn 10, Pn 25, Pn 64, Pn 100


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  • Eliminates short circuits

  • Eliminated field assembly

  • Eliminates maintenance

  • Is less expensive

  • Is coated both internally and externally

  • Is 100% electrically tested

  • Is completely weld inspected

  • Is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 2000 specifications

  • Available in any diameter

Pipeline Isolation Joints may be ordered in any pipe size. ElectroStop Monolithic Isolation Joints are boltless and completely factory assembled in accordance with the appropriate requirements of ANSI, DIN, and API codes. All welds are butt weld construction.

GPT Monolithic Isolating Joints do not require maintenance. They provide cathodic protection for gas, water, and petroleum pipelines, as well as contribute additional operation and maintenance cost savings. PSI offers the best solutions to preventing corrosion for all industry users including: onshore and offshore mains, petroleum refinery complex, chemical plants, waterworks, gas transmission, and gas distribution systems.


ElectroStop Monolithic Isolating Joints are also used to provide electrical sectioning and passive protection against corrosion on inlet and outlet pipes, meters, tanks, pumping stations, etc.


The ElectroStop Monolithic Isolation Joints are completely factory assembled and tested. There are no flanges, gaskets, nuts, bolts, sleeves, or washers to handle and consequently no fluid leaks due to improper field assembly.

The ElectroStop Monolithic Joints will serve as a positive leak-proof, long-lasting block against the flow of electric current in all piping systems.

Control over all stages of production is ensured by close adherence to an in-place and ongoing ISO 9001 quality assurance program which is constantly monitored and subject toperiodic audit.

Quality Assurance

Each monolithic isolation fitting shall be manufactured at a facility that has a Registered ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System. Copy of current ISO 9001 2000 Registration shall be provided with material submittal.